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Health Ministry Highlights

* Offering another Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), October 2017
* Participating in the Healthy Blood Pressure through Faith and a Healthy Lifestyle Project
* Encourages readily available exercise classes/programs
* Provides health information to the congregation (PowerPoints, inserts in bulletins, handouts, etc.)
* Offers health education workshops/classes on various topics


+ We did the Walk to Jerusalem this year which started late January and concluded in April on Good Friday. Approximately 35 members participated and we had a great time. Saints do enjoy healthy competition!

+ Participated in Play Roc for the first time this year. We’re currently working with AHA to develop some walking paths to encourage movement in the fall/winter.

+ The Powerful Tools for Caregivers class was very popular. Those in attendance requested we schedule it again in the fall so that others can take advantage of the information.

+ Antioch’s Culinary Ministry has added healthy choices to their menus. For example: salad, steamed vegetables, baked fish/chicken, and water instead of Kool Aid.

+ UPCOMING: Lifespan’s Living Healthy with Diabetes. Workshop topics planned: Stress Management and Are You Sleeping?

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