CCC Counselors

Fatima Banister, LMSW; Path of Discovery Counseling Services > Specialty: Self-Care, Self-Love, & Spiritual Wellness

Therapy is an opportunity for you to dive into the innermost parts of who you are in a non-judgmental setting with a person who has the expertise and knowledge to guide you on this path.

Ebonisha Graham LCSW; Model of Resilience Psychotherapy > Specialty: Solution-focused Conflict Resolution, Relationship Issues, and Emotional Regulation Counseling

Ebonisha has provided therapeutic services to children, individuals, and families in various community locations including hospital, school, and home-based settings. She has a strong background in the areas of children and adolescents, anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, grief and loss, trauma, and suicide prevention.

Sylvia Johnson, LCSW; Ivolve Me Counseling > Specialty: Prayer & Counseling: Faith & Works, as well as Balancing Roles & Relationships

Faith based counseling and development center providing a multi-systematic approach to therapy and total wellness. We recognize that total wellness is best achieved when therapy addresses environmental, socio-economic, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual factors that influence an individual’s perceptions.

Ivan A. Matthews LCSW

Ivan has over 15 years of experience helping individuals and families overcome life challenges. His goal is to assist individuals to explore choices for making changes in life that will enhance relationships and improve the overall quality of their lives. He uses a comprehensive approach that focuses on the interpersonal aspects of life and specifically utilizes strength-based and cognitive behavior therapies while integrating specific techniques tailored to the unique needs of the individual.

Gretchen Mims, Ph.D., LMSW; Mindful Resolutions Counseling Services > Specialty: Individual, Trauma, Family, ADHD

Mindful Resolutions is an online care practice whose goal is to provide client-centered and evidence-based treatment while partnering with you for your therapeutic services.

Khadijah Tillman, LCSW; Sankofa Family Counseling Services > Specialty: Trauma, Grief & Loss

Sankofa Family Counseling Services is a professional counseling practice. We provide counseling to adults, children and families. We are committed to helping people discover and be their best selves.