CCC Counselors

Fatima Banister, LMSW; Path of Discovery Counseling Services > Specialty: Self-Care, Self-Love, & Spiritual Wellness

Therapy is an opportunity for you to dive into the innermost parts of who you are in a non-judgmental setting with a person who has the expertise and knowledge to guide you on this path.

Aaliyah El-Amin-Turner LMHC, NCC; El-Amin Mental Health Counseling > Specialty: Depression, Anxiety and COVID-19

It is my belief that therapy is a process of self-exploration. The decision to engage in psychotherapy is not always an easy one. Making your mental health a priority is the first step. If you are seeking a collaborative therapeutic environment where you feel supported in your counseling journey, I am here to support you. I look forward to working with you.

Sylvia Johnson, LCSW; Ivolve Me Counseling > Specialty: Prayer & Counseling: Faith & Works, as well as Balancing Roles & Relationships

Faith based counseling and development center providing a multi-systematic approach to therapy and total wellness. We recognize that total wellness is best achieved when therapy addresses environmental, socio-economic, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual factors that influence an individual’s perceptions.

Gretchen Mims, Ph.D., LMSW; Mindful Resolutions Counseling Services > Specialty: Individual, Trauma, Family, ADHD

Mindful Resolutions is an online care practice whose goal is to provide client-centered and evidence-based treatment while partnering with you for your therapeutic services.

Khadija Tillman, LCSW; Sankofa Family Counseling Services > Specialty: Trauma, Grief & Loss

Sankofa Family Counseling Services is a professional counseling practice. We provide counseling to adults, children and families. We are committed to helping people discover and be their best selves.