The Community Counseling Circle (CCC) is a partner-based community program designed to provide mental health and wellness programming, services and educational resources to underserved communities in Rochester NY. View our Counselors and Coordinators & Partners and read our brochure.

To create faith-based community counseling access, provide culturally relevant counseling education, and exhibit culturally competent clinical services to communities of color.

To partner with area schools and churches, and mental health and wellness clinicians to ensure counseling access and counseling affordability.

Leadership Messages

Phyllis D. Jackson, RN
Founder and Executive Director of IHMC

My vision and heart’s desire for the CCC is that church/faith communities will:

View Mental Health through the lens of faith that encompasses wellness of mind, body and spirit.

Embrace education and information about mental health and wellbeing that will enable them to become spiritually activated and informed, referral sources and advocates for those needing/seeking mental health assistance.

Speak and teach biblical and medical truth surrounding causes and treatment of mental health, thus eliminating shame and stigma that often prevent those needing help from seeking it.

Be a safe space for parishioners, and their circles, to go and get help and support for mental health concerns or challenges that impact their lives. It’s time for churches/faith communities to fully understand and embrace that ALL health, including Mental Health, is a Spiritual Matter!


Dr. Melany Silas, Program Consultant
Restorative Wellness Research Collective

The Community Counseling Circle program was created as a response to research pertaining to communities of color and mental health. Research indicates that we are the most under-researched, misdiagnosed and underserved when it comes to mental health services and treatment. In addition, communities of color are impacted by social-cultural and financial barriers, stigma, and inequitable access to mental health support. The Community Counseling Circle program addresses these barriers, by partnering with community pillars and mental health professionals of color to educate, heal and be co-healers with program participants.

It is our hope, that through the wellness webinars and counseling sessions, that participants will begin a new journey of self-care, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness, and will learn strategies that will help them to grow and be well in mind, body and soul.

—Dr. Melany J. Silas is a former IHMC board member, program consultant of the Community Counseling Circle Program, and a life-long Counselor Educator.