Health Ministries Accomplishments

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The Interdenominational Health Ministry Coalition (IHMC) empowers and educates local health ministries to serve as key influencers in the community’s health.

IHMC member churches have implemented numerous programs focusing on the importance of healthy lifestyle habits while providing an opportunity for individuals to participate at no cost. Several health related, educational and fitness programs have been offered by Health Ministries in IHMC and the total number of lives impacted in 2015 by IHMC member churches is 580.

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Health/Educational Programming

  • Six IHMC member churches facilitated diabetes prevention programs educating congregational members on the importance of physical fitness, maintaining healthy weight and improving their nutritional intake and 100 participants completed the program.
  • One member church offered a Pre-Diabetes Prevention Program to 48 participants with 60% at risk of being pre-diabetic. 25% of the participants were on a diabetic medication regimen and 16% of these were also being treated for other comorbidities.
  • A Healthy Food Tasting program was hosted by an IHMC member church.
  • 45 individuals were instructed on how to prepare a full meal using only fruits and vegetable. Each of the three sessions included a “Diabetes 101” presentation with questions and answers. 87% indicated they would incorporate this form of cooking in their everyday meal preparations.
  • Member churches offered the Healthy Blood Pressure program offered by the Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency blood pressure collaboration. The data collected indicated that there was a reduction in the participant’s blood pressure. Two of the participants no longer required HBP medication.
  • One IHMC member church offered weekly workout sessions at their church and tracked participants for an entire year. Numerous members of the congregation took part but the 10 members who were most consistent lost a total of 202 pounds.
  • IHMC member churches reached congregational and community members with a variety of fitness programs. These programs included aqua fit, bi-weekly workout classes, couch to 5k and a men’s only program.
  • Other churches in IHMC have offered walking programs, exercise classes and healthy eating.

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