High Blood Pressure

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“Faith and Healthy Lifestyle” High Blood Pressure Project.
Collaborated with Common Ground Health to develop and implement this data collection, evaluation support and analysis project in 16 local churches.

-BP Status Overall > Steady decrease
-Number of Participants controlling their HBP > Steady increase: 2016: 51% | 2017: 65% | 2018: 68%

IHMC collaborated with Common Ground Health to develop and implement an evidenced based health promotion project in churches to decrease the number of congregants with high blood pressure. Supported by data, evaluation, and collective support, the project has shown great success.

Over the years the program grew and evolved, and In this second iteration, IHMC supports and mentors churches to maintain the successes they have achieved in blood pressure control and more. The churches are expanding their partnerships with community-based organizations and with other churches. They are engaging in community efforts, like COVID education and vaccination, by hosting vaccination sites, conducting table talk education sessions, and volunteering for the speaker’s bureau. Some participants trained to facilitate health education and literacy in the community. A number have become Common Ground Health Ambassadors, sit on community boards, or support numerous community events. They have expanded their footprint. They are making Health a Spiritual Matter; not only where they pray but also where they work, play and live. The newest generation of the Faith and Healthy Lifestyle Project is making a difference in the health outcomes of churches and the Rochester community.