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Health Ministry Highlights

* Offered the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP)
* Offers exercise classes/program
* Offers health education workshops/classes on various topics
* Provides health information to the congregation (PowerPoints, inserts in bulletins, handouts, etc.)


+ 4th Sunday we do our “Walk A Mile In Your Sunday’s Best.” It is a one-mile walk in our community. We minister, hand out resource materials, and fellowship.

+ “Walk To Jerusalem” had 54 participants! The walk was all about discovering your divine purpose. It was an imaginary journey that “began” at our church home and “ended” in the Holy Land. We are 5,757 miles from Jerusalem. As we walked, or exercised, we accumulated the miles necessary to reach our destination. It took us 84 days (12 weeks) with over 12 million steps! The congregation program increased health of body, mind and spirit as, along the way, we chose to mediate, pray and enjoy the fellowship.

+ Support AIDS National Day of Prayer/Walk

+ Participated in focus group discussions exploring hospice use by African Americans

+ Mentor Central Church of Christ’s health ministry (DPP)

+ Hospice visitation

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