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Health Tips

Health Tips

Consider a personal trainer! If you’re busy or not particularly self-motivated but really want to get fit, a personal trainer may work for you. They are available at gyms, spas, and clubs and may even be people you already know like:

  1. Exercise Express
  2. Victory Fitness
  3. Tummies and Tennis Shoes
  4. Chair Exercises for Older Adults

Featured Testimonies

35 yr. old African American Woman
This class offered by our Health/Wellness ministry has really helped me to get back into exercising.  I thought because of the weight gain, I couldn’t work out and was embarrassed to try.  This environment was inviting and I learned a lot about myself.  I have lost a total of 18 pounds.

27 yr. old African American Woman
I learned so much about eating healthy and I was amazed about the simple changes I could make to help reduce my cholesterol.  I had lab services two weeks ago and my cholesterol has been lowered.