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Men’s Health Lifestyle Change Program

Men’s Health Lifestyle Change Program

Church of Love Faith Center’s Health and Wellness Ministry offered its Men’s Health Lifestyle Change Program. This FREE program was designed for males, 18- 65 years of age, residing in the City of Rochester and surrounding suburbs.

The Men’s Health Lifestyle Change Program educated participants on risk factors associated with metabolic syndrome; inform participants of the importance of nutrition, as well as medication adherence. Men were also provided an opportunity to engage in physical activity through two hour sessions every Saturday morning at the JCC (Jewish Community Center) of Greater Rochester in Brighton, NY.

Individuals had the opportunity to work out and take advantage of the JCC facility and fit classes offered every Saturday morning from 9am-11am. One hour educational workshops took place every last Saturday of each session. Participants were given the necessary information, technique and tools they need to increase their knowledge, as it relates to Diabetes, Nutrition and Medication Adherence.

Participants who attended the program expected the following:

  • Weight: Participants will decrease weight by 3-5 percent or maintain current weight.
  • Medication: Free Medication Adherence Program will be offered to interested participants during the educational workshop.
  • Fitness: Participants will increase physical activity by 2 percent with two hours per week. (Participants are also encouraged to stay active throughout the week.)
  • Blood Pressure: Baseline blood pressure will be taken at program start and finish. If elevated, blood pressure will decrease by 5 to 10 points by end of program or remain the same if not elevated.

If you would like more information, contact Church of Love Faith Center, Health and Ministry at