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Get It Done

Get It Done

Get-It-DoneTrillium Health’s Get It Done (GID) Barbershops and Beauty Salons Initiative‘s strategy is designed with the idea that trusted community members such as barbers and beauticians can be good vehicles for disseminating accurate, evidence-based health promotion messages, especially relating to preventable diseases, such as HIV/STD, hypertension and diabetes which is just one program of the great work that Trillium Health is doing in communities of color through the Community Health Initiatives Department at Trillium Health.

In September, 2006, we conducted the first “Bring a Health Care Provider to the Barbershops/Beauty Salons” which is an adaptation of the Office of Minority Health’s National Campaign: “Take a Loved One For a Check-Up” and since that time we have been recruiting barbers and beauticians throughout the 4 quadrants of the city to participate in the Get it Done program.

Community Health Educators raise awareness to their clients and within their surrounding communities on a daily basis, but there are 4 major events conducted throughout the year at the barbers and beauticians provide HIV Testing and HBP Screenings and we’re hoping to begin Glucose Screenings in the near future.  With the collaboration efforts of the Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency, Rochester Business Alliance, Trillium Health & more than 50 community partners teaming up to fight high blood pressure.

For more information: visit Trillium Health’s website | Read services brochure