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Health Ministries

Health Ministries

You are the salt of the Earth

Aenon Missionary Baptist Church
185 Genesee Street, Rochester, NY 14611
Church mission: Serving God with reasonable service
Email Health Ministry Leaders: Karen Byfield and Rosa Johnson

Bridge Builders Ministries
1787 Norton Street, Rochester, NY 14609
Church mission: To serve as a unifying force, bridging gaps created by cultural, racial, denominational and economic barriers.
Email Health Ministry Leaders: Darlene Sample and Shaun Reed

Central Church of Christ
101 S. Plymouth Avenue, Rochester, NY 14608
Church mission: Our church’s response to the call of God is to create within the heart of the city, a community where people are converted by the power of the gospel and learn to live their lives through Christ in the world.
Email Health Ministry Leader: Nse Ikpot

Christ Temple Apostolic Faith Church
766 W. Broad Street, Rochester, NY 14608
Email Health Ministry Leader: Rosa M. Lloyd

Church of Love Faith Center
700 Exchange Street, Rochester, NY 14608
Health Ministry focus: To assist members in the body of Christ and the community we serve to realize health is a spiritual issue as well as a physical one and when we apply knowledge gained, we can improve and maintain the health of body, mind and spirit. (Hosea 4:6 My people perish for a lack of knowledge). The ministry focus is to increase awareness on the numerous health disparities facing the Rochester community while educating our congregation and community on how minor lifestyle changes can improve overall health outcomes.
Email Health Ministry LeaderSharon Taylor

Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Reformation
111 North Chestnut Street, Rochester, NY 14604
Church mission: We are a center city congregation of the ELCA seeking to make a difference where we are.
Email Health Ministry Leader: Pamela Bailie

Greater Harvest Church
19 Harrison Street, Rochester, NY 14605
Church mission: We shall continue to save the lost and to mature the saved.
Email Health Ministry Leader: Latricia Johnson

Iglesia Pentecostal Ebenezer
(Pentecostal Church Ebenezer)
Email Health Ministry Leader: Rashamarie Rivera

In Christ New Hope Ministry
155 Pinnacle Road, Rochester, NY 14623
Health Ministry Focus: To assist those in the body of Christ to live healthy lifestyles, to empower them to proactively partner with their health care providers, and to avoid health conditions that are preventable by living well, exercising and consuming healthy foods.
Email Health Ministry Leaders: Joanne Mitchell-McLaren or call: (585) 747-6013 and Connie Miller

Joint Heirs Kingdom Ministries
220 Avenue D, Rochester, NY 14621
Soleful Strutters mission: To bring people together from all walks of life and throughout the community for Education, Instruction and Physical Activity; to support one another with the goal of making lifestyle changes that promote good health and wellness of mind, body and spirit.
Email Health Ministry Leaders: Lisa M. Medina or call: (585-576-3700), and Mona Isler or call: (585-727-7736)
Public Facebook Page: Soleful Strutters Health Ministry

Living Word Temple of Restoration
219 Stenson Street, Rochester, NY 14606
Health and Fitness mission: is to educate, promote, and practice healthy living principles to ensure we are caring for our over well being.
Email Health Ministry Leader: Ashley Greenman

Memorial AME Zion
549 Clarissa Street, Rochester, NY 14608
Church mission: To live and work as a people called by God, cooperating with God to change a generation.
Email Health Ministry Leaders: Theresa Carter  and Joyce Sizer and Pam Kennedy

Mount Olivet Baptist Church
141 Adams Street, Rochester, NY 146098
Health Ministry Goals: To encourage and strengthen the health & faith of Church & community. To encourage & challenge believers to respect and care for their bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit; consistent with established health guidelines. To work together with community health partners for broader impact on health promotion and prevention.
Process: By providing health education workshop, programs, and health screening opportunities to MOBC members; to offer health education workshops, programs, and health screening opportunities to community members.
Email Health Ministry Leader: Shirlyn  Washington or call: 585-719-9963

New Bethel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
270 Scio Street, Rochester, New York 14605
Healthy Ministry Mission: New Bethel CME Church Health Ministry mission aligns with our church general mission statement in that we are a Bible based church that promotes a holistic ministry through spiritual development, biblical stewardship, teaching, preaching, and promoting healing and health wholeness through seminars, workshops, resources, screenings and advocacy. Our goal is to be a relevant community resource through outreach, collaborating with other faith groups, and exceptional communication using various technologies.
Email Health Ministry Leaders: Patricia Rector-Hollomon, Chair and Regina Geames, Vice Chair or call: 585-981-0639

New Life Fellowship
330 Wellington Avenue, Rochester, NY 14619
Church vision: To bring about reconciliation among the races and seeks to restore families back to God. Through the love of God and by ministering the unadulterated Word of God, neighborhoods, ministries, races and families will be restored and barriers will be torn down.
Email Health Ministry Leader: Karen Rogers

Trinity Interfaith
26 Forbes Street, Rochester, NY 14611
Email Health Ministry Leaders: Addie Sturgis and Hilary Jones

True Light Church of God In Christ
362 Columbia Ave, Rochester, NY 14611
Church mission: A church in the Rochester City area our goal is to reach out to the community and win souls for Christ. We believe in many members one body. We are many people in one church with the same expectations and goals.
Email Health Ministry Leader: Tina Cook

Women In This Together (WITT)
WITT Support Ministry,A group of women inspired to come together to bring about unity among other women in the church and community.  Our aim is to support, encourage, educate, fellowship and assist in raising funds to help in the research to eliminate various diseases which affect many today.
Email Contact person: Rosa Johnson

Zion Hill Missionary
250 Dr. Samuel McCree Way, Rochester, NY 14611
Church mission: We are committed to connecting families to Christ through fellowship, leadership, outreach and worship.
Email Health Ministry Leader: