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Founder’s Message

Founder’s Message

Welcome to the IHMC (Interdenominational Health Ministry Coalition) website where our foundation, “Health is a Spiritual Matter,” is the driving force for all we do. We are spirits who live in a body and we have souls/minds, wills and emotions. Our goal is to provide you information, resources, support  and encouragement to fuel your desire and efforts to become, and remain, healthy and whole, spiritually, physically, and mentally. We believe that faith and medicine work together, each supporting and infusing the other with hope for healing and wholeness. Feel free to eat from our spiritual resources to feed your spirit man.

We believe that prevention is the best “medicine” and key to decreasing health disparities and leading healthier lives. That is why you will find resources and tools about preventing dis-ease and encouraging wellness through nutrition, physical activity and spiritual disciplines.

You will also find some things to smile or even laugh about, after all, …”laughter does good like medicine.”

So, enjoy your time on our site. I pray you will find something to help you on your journey toward Health  and Wholeness. Remember…Health is a Spiritual Matter!


Blessings and good health,

Reverend Phyllis D. Jackson, BS RN

Founder of the IHMC

Phyllis takes on “Walk with a Doc” personally demonstrating that fitness matters. She’s captured sharing tips and laughter with blogger/D&C health reporter Patti Singer (far left).